Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Executive Director Job Announcement

Position Description: The Executive Director is responsible for the consistent achievement of Sunflower Kids’ mission and financial objectives.
 The ED is responsible for managing any full or part-time staff, volunteers, and contractors working for the organization, and ensuring successful achievement of established goals.  The ED will report directly to the Board of Directors and will enable the Board to fulfill its governance and fiduciary responsibilities by providing timely and accurate financial and programmatic information on progress towards goals.

About Sunflower Kids: Sunflower Kids is a local family violence prevention nonprofit agency that promotes the safety and well-being of children and their families by providing safe supervised visitation and monitored exchange services to families with a history of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and/or substance abuse.  Our services allow children to build and maintain relationships with non-custodial parents while reducing risk of further abuse to the child and other parent. 

Core Job Responsibilities

1.      Ensure that all programs at the Centers operate under applicable program guidelines and in accordance with the policies & procedures, goals, and objectives established by the Board of Directors. 
2.      Coordinate with staff for timely scheduling of all intake assessments, supervised visits, and exchanges. 
3.      Make sure the Centers are clean, safe, and presentable at all times.
4.      Coordinate staff and contract personnel schedules, training, assignment of duties, and evaluations.  Ensure appropriate levels of staffing during hours of operation.
5.      Communicate new developments and changes in policies, programs, and schedules to staff and contract personnel in a timely manner.  Schedule and facilitate staff meetings as necessary.
6.      Conduct intake assessments with prospective clients, supervise visits and monitor exchanges as needed.  Secure replacements or fill in when monitors are absent.

Organizational Development
7.      Maintain accurate counts of services provided and families served.  Submit regular activities reports to the Safe Havens Consulting Committee, semi-annual progress reports to LFUCG, and any other grant related reports in a timely manner.
8.      Hire, train, and supervise qualified staff, security personnel, and monitors.  Ensure that staff, security personnel, and monitors receive appropriate internal and external training.
9.      Ensure that client files are properly maintained and that all contacts with parents, children, legal counsel, and interested parties are properly documented by staff and contract personnel.
10.  Oversee compliance with all aspects of the Safe Havens contractual grant agreement.  Submit fiscal and programmatic reports for the Safe Havens grant to LFUCG in a timely manner. 

Communication & PR
11.  Maintain collaborative relationships with the courts and other community agencies and businesses. 
12.  Develop informational materials to promote the Center.
13.  Publicize the activities of the organization, its programs and goals

Fundraising & Development
14.  Manage all fundraising efforts and engage the Board of Directors with fundraising activities.
15.  Identify and prepare grant applications to secure additional funding for the Center and oversee post-reward reporting and management. 
16.  Coordinate fundraising events and pursue partnership and sponsorship opportunities

Budgeting & Finance
17.  Maintain sound financial practices and, along with the Board, ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work.
18.  Prepare payroll on a monthly basis and maintain appropriate financial records.  Prepare monthly budget and expenditure reports for the Board of Directors.  Submit invoices, receipts, and financial records to LFUCG in a timely manner.  Maintain all fiscal records in an organized manner.

19.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Board.

Job Qualifications:
·         Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or closely related field required.  Masters degree preferred.
·         Knowledge of domestic violence strongly preferred
·         Demonstrated history of leadership and project/program management
·         Experience with accounting software (ideally Quickbooks)
·         Valid driver’s license required.
·         Experience with fundraising, service delivery, program development, and board relations is preferred

Compensation:  Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications, $42-44,000 and flexible paid vacation time and sick time.

Please send a cover letter and resume to Amanda Higgins at sfkboard@gmail.com by 5pm on October 16, 2015