Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jail and Bail Update

Let's check in on our jailbirds and see who will be walking free on Friday and who will be behind bars!  

If you want to help keep any of our jailbirds out of jail, please donate to their bail by 12:00 noon on Friday, May 23.  To do so, just go to and click on the orange Donate Now button in the right corner at the top of the page.

Pictures will happen as soon as blogger decides it wants to cooperate!

Alex Horn
Aliases: Mrs. Fallon, Mama's Girl, Al, Neat Freak
Crimes: Jogging from the law, watching too much TV, being a cleaning machine

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $410

Amanda Bourgeois
Aliases: Nurse Ninja, Preppy Partier, Optimistic Believer
Crimes: Loving life, lavishly using emojis, throwing parties, saving lives, rooting for the Red Wings

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $200

Boyd Browning
Aliases: BTB, Boyd "Bear Bryant", Pops, Wise Guy
Crimes: Pushing ponies, cracking bad jokes, having too much Kentucky pride

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $725 (OFF THE CHARTS!!)


Desha Scanlon
Aliases: Shaballs, Proud Mama, Crafty $!%&#, Happy Hippie
Crimes: Fashioning fabulous wreaths, rooting for Betty Gone Wild, professing the perfectness of pugs

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $185 (+$215 pledged)

Jerry Parsons
Aliases: Gary, The Prankster, Proud Papa, Sugar Britches
Crimes: Pulling pranks, kicking ass, working hard, cleaning cars, sipping Starbucks

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $0

Mandy Higgins
Aliases: Doc, Famed Feminist, Aunt Mandy, Alpha Gam
Crimes: Being Kentucky proud, spouting those liberal views, moving and shaking, rooting for the wildcats

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $330

Paige Browning
Aliases: Paigey, Rupert's Mama, Road Runner, Daddy's Girl, Super Sister
Crimes: Hoarding pens and other office supplies, dreaming about London, chasing Chase, surviving grad school

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $370

Stephanie Hoffman
Aliases: Proud Mama, Hot Chocolate Hoarder, Grace
Crimes: Being close enough (usually), changing names, wielding the hand of Stephanie

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $725

Susan Kennedy
Aliases: Little Miss Magic, Queen of Somewhere Hot, Parrothead, Pround Mama
Crimes: Blowing out flip flops, wasting away in Margaritaville, partying for a cause, moving and shaking, sitting poolside

Bail: $500
Progress Towards Bail: $595

Monday, May 19, 2014

This Friday, May 23 is Sunflower Kids' 2nd Jail and Bail! We've got a new cast of characters that need bailing out this year.  If you would like to help someone raise their bail, please visit our web site at and make a tax-deductible donation toward someone's bail.  Just don't forget to tell us who you are bailing out!

Jerry Parsons, Lexington Police Department
Mandy Higgins, Bluegrass Community & Technical College
 Boyd Browning, Fasig-Tipton
Susan Kennedy, Fowler Bell
Desha Scanlon, University of Kentucky College of Social Work
Paige Browning, University of Kentucky College of Social Work
Amanda Ward, Central Baptist Hospital